The scents we detect are produced by volatile molecules that come from different materials and are held by our olfactory system and thanks to it we can sense it.
Emitter agents of bad scents mainly are: biological processes such as organic products degradation (wastes, remainders, etc, mainly by bacterial action), industrial and storage and transformation of residues.

Those scents we define as “Bad” contain atoms of: sulphur and/or nitrogen often with double link structure: marcapthane, amines, terpens and, of course the SKATOL present in excrement. These are the smells we reject because of the bad impressions they give us.

In the places where VELTIA is usually installed, bad scents are particularly disgusting and are boosted by a high moisture environment.
Because of theser reasons we have decided to include a high value feature: ZERO SMELL – GEL.


Olfactory Silence: Bad smell elimination by ZERO SMELL – GEL
The volatile elements that compose bad scents are highly reactive especially with oxygen, ozone and free radicals. Reacting with these are the elements that cause bad odors get oxidized and chemically reduced, changing the olfactory sensation they produce.


“Olfactory Silence”, the gel we have included in VELTIA, reacts very actively with bad smelling molecules neutralizing them in a very efficient way, with a long lasting effect. The next figure shows how it works


ZERO SMELL – GEL, releases neutralizing active agents according to air temperature and flow, linearly and slowly. When these agents come in contact with bad smelling molecules, they react chemically neutralizing mutually as shown in figure Nº 1.

After this chemical reaction these gases are almost odorless and it is the great volatility of these active agents that allows a high effectiveness since the odor elimination is done on a gas to gas basis. With the appropriate disposition we have an elimination rate of over 90% the bad scents volume.


ZERO SMELL – GEL effectiveness is high enough to be used to fight corrosive contents in the air as well, such as sulphuric acid from water treatment plants or sewer network.

ZERO SMELL – GEL works for long periods of time (3 to 4 months) and it is effective even after getting wet.


Moreover, ZERO SMELL – GEL is safe for both people and the environment. It is easy to handle and can be treated as a domestic waste. Dispose of properly.


ZERO SMELL – GEL Product is designed to last one year of normal operation at a very attractive cost to the end user, assuring a fresh and clean environment in locations where VELTIA is installed. This is another unique feature of our hand dryer.